Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Wednesday. September 23, 2009 Heathcliff Analyzed

Frank is assigned meaningless light duty following his worker's compensation head injury.

Below is Peter Gallagher's Heathcliff comic from July 31, 2008. This is no doubt the longest interrogation in history.
Note how the interrogator has been in the room so long that he is overdue for another haircut. Fatigue has started to get the better of him, and he now continues his drilling from a seated position. The lieutenant has grown bored with the whole thing, and his eyes are now nearly closed. The man with the cigar has apparently forgotten to light it, as it is the same length it was 14 months ago. It could be assumed that he had fallen into a coma, had he not donned a different tie. Heathcliff on the other hand, is in the identical position he was in last year. As Heathcliff has had numerous other adventures since this comic originally appeared, the cat being interrogated is most likely a cardboard cutout. This would also explain his indifference. What can not be explained is how Peter Gallagher continues to profit from resurrecting stale and weak jokes.

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  1. Wish I could see the images. Heathcliff is my all-time favorite cartoon cat (, but I meant animated, not comic strip. I wonder what I've been missing (or apparently, not missing).