Monday, August 17, 2009

Monday, August 17, 2009 Heathcliff Analyzed

Suddenly realizing that he's talking to cats, the counselor realizes that he has a problem.

Heathcliff and Sonja are together on a couch in the office of a couples counselor. Why they are not seated on separate chairs is a mystery. Why a pair of cats in in the counselor's office is also a mystery.

Heathcliff seems to have fallen asleep from sheer boredom while Sonja seems irritated by the dark stain on the counselor's elbow. The counselor appears to have been taking notes when he suddenly realizes that there are cats in his office. The fact that he has been recording the responses of creatures incapable of speech, coupled with the fact that cats can't pay, causes him to say, "I believe I see the problem." Having seen the problem, it can be assumed that he will now seek counseling for himself.

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