Sunday, August 23, 2009

Sunday, August 23, 2009 Heathcliff Analyzed

Heathcliff is happily strolling along the sidewalk when a cocoon with wings appears in front of him and says, "Bzzz." Heathcliff responds by opening his eyes and losing his mouth. Suddenly a whole squadron of winged cocoons appear and simultaneously say ,"Bzzz." This time Heathcliff performs a ritualistic movement in which he levitates above the sidewalk with his tongue protruding. The cocoons seems to want more, but having no more to offer, Heathcliff turns and runs. Despite the awkwardness of running upright, Heathcliff refuses to go down on all four paws.

Forming a small white cloud behind his feet, Heathcliff continues running down the sidewalk with the cocoons matching his speed. At one point Heathcliff tries changing his color, but the cocoons are not fooled and they continue their pursuit.

Finally Heathcliff arrives home. Rushing in the door which had been left open, he slams it behind himself and spits out a hairball. Suddenly a rodent dressed in a bee costume appears and says, "Bzzz," possibly telling Heathcliff that he can speak the language of the cocoons which are probably still hovering outside of the door. A white cloud then appears with the word "swat" written on it.

In the last panel, the costumed rodent is attempting to stand on his head. Another rodent has arrived and is trying to speak English, forming nonsense words like "bee-ish."

And so passes another day in the inexplicable life of Heathcliff.

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